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Published articles

App solution for efficient remote connectivity - Mobile Maschinen, April 2013
Die Volle Kontrolle (in German) - Mobile Maschinen, April 2013
The world is changing. Almost unthinkable ten years ago, equipment operators today carry in their pocket a device with impressive processing power.

Electronics - iVT International Magazine, Mar 2013
Freely programmable displays offer vehicle OEMs the possibility to create a space-efficient HMI.

What´s going on with electronics? - iVT International Magazine, Mar 2013
We have only just set off on the journey of increasing software content and complexity.

Exploratory surgery - iVT International Magazine, Mar 2012
Exploration drilling rigs have a huge array of special and complex functions. Simple operation, with control from an easily-understood interface, is just what the doctor ordered.

Smart kommt an - MobileMaschinen, Feb 2012
Next generation operator panels. CrossControl has developed a concept for replacing expensive and inflexible operation panels in industrial vehicles. (The article is written in German.)

In touch - iVT International Magazine, Nov 2011
No matter hos rapidly technology advances, people always want more. An open software tool chain approach for GUIs enables easy realisation of premium user experience. 

Aufmerksamer Beifahrer - MobileMaschinen, Nov 2011
Was heute die Endkunden von den Maschinenherstellern für ihre Maschinensteuerung fordern, ist eine bessere Bedienerführung und Benutzerfreundlichkeit. Mit Hilfe seiner offenen Tool-Chain für die Erstellung graphischer Benutzeroberflächen schafft CrossControl die Voraussetzungen für die einfache Entwicklung herausragender Benutzerführungen. (Article written in German.)

An extra dimension - iVT International Off-Highway edition, 2011
Althoug 2D technology offers several advantages for efficient road construction, a new range of 3D systems will help even the most comples construction plans to be undertaken in record time - while ensuring optimal quality.

A crossover in control design - Diesel Progress May/Jun 2011
Industrial vehicles have been fitted with in-cab displays for many year, starting with simpler, text-based systems. As the user expections are getting higher and interation through graphicla user interfaces (GUIs) and touchscreens is increasing, the importance of advanced human-machine interation is also growing.

Humans in control - Advanced Lift Truck Technology International, Jun 2010
Integrated fleet management is a solution that enables industrial vehicle OEMs to leverage onboard intelligence for improved machine-to-machine offering.

Straight to video - iVT Magazine, Nov 2010
As products and communications buses mature, digital network video solutions are overcoming the shortcoming of analogue technologies for optimum flexibility.  

Carrying the CAN - iVT Off-Higway edition, Oct 2010
CAN has been the main communication protocol used in industrial vehicles, but the latest trends have seen ethernet technology gaining increasing use for when CAN can’t quite manage on its own.

Dream display - iVT Magazine, Sept 2010
All the features a software developer could dream about – one standalone display computer brings pc-level functionality to the most extreme operating environments.

Upwardly mobile - iVT Magazine, Jun 2010
With a modern graphical user interface in their cab, industrial vehicle operators can enjoy the same exciting user experience as they get with their smartphones. The automotive business has pushed both display and computing technologies so that users can now enjoy industrial-grade components, proven for heavy-duty use, at the same cost as the simplistic display solutions introduced in the 1990s. 

Fleet Treat - iVT Magazine, Mar 2010
A new Fleet Management platform that is seam lessly integrated with the machine control system can turn mere vehicle suppliers into leading machine service providers.

Go One Better - iVT Lift Truck Annual Review, Mar 2010
A new simulation-based test strategy for control system software can provide a test environment with higher observability, more controllability and greater interaction possibilities.

A touch of the future - iVT Magazine, Nov 2009
Owners of even the most general purpose machines are now expecting increased efficiency through the use of modern controls and onboard computing.

Can you afford not to certify your control system - iVT Magazine, Nov 2009
Engineers from CrossControl introduce the current most important safety directives and standards for industrial vehicles and machines.

Under new management - iVT Magazine, Sept 2009
A new product platform for machine management enables smarter next-generation machines that provide a host of benefits for the user.

Unlimited potential iVT Magazine, Jul 2009
As an open software platform for highly integrated control and information systems, our solution provides a platform for any machine – rather than fitting the machine to the platform.

All on board - iVT Magazine, May 2009
To operators of a number of industrial vehicle applications, integrated-computer control, wireless communication and touch-screen displays all contribute to an easier ride.

Display if safe - iVT Magazine, Mar 2009
In response to the new standards for machine safety, CrossControl presents a high-performance display computer that meets sil2.

SmartMoves - iVT Magazine, Jan 2009
Kalmar’s smartpath and smartrail automation systems for the optimisation of container handling efficiency rely on a robust onboard computer with a versatile set of interfaces.